Belle Enfant
at Home

Stylish yet considered, Belle Enfant at Home brings elegance to the every-day. An extension of the brand’s signature aesthetic, the collection blends natural materials with timeless design and attention to detail: for interior pieces of exceptional quality and purpose.

Bedding for babies and children, such as the essential duvet sets, blankets and pillows are soft and comforting, with a 100% cotton muslin base; while coordinating homeware pieces such as eiderdown-style quilts, decorative cushions and play mats are made from a silky yet lightweight cotton voile. The range is brought to life through muted colourways and subtle prints - from delicate florals to a classic ticking stripe in taupe and rose – designed in-house. Coordination is at the heart of the collection: resulting in pieces that can be endlessly combined and layered to create a beautiful nursery or a calming sanctuary.

duvet and pillow sets

Soft and comforting 100% cotton muslin bedding sets for baby and child

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quilts, blankets and cushions

Co-ordinating homeware pieces that can be endlessly layered and combined to create a beautiful nursery or calming sanctuary.

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play and accessories

Bibs, muslin squares, swaddles and play mats. Products to support the early days of parenthood in the brand's signature aesthetic.

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