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In conversation with Millie Poppins

Millie Poppins is a leading Baby Expert & Motherhood Mentor based in the UK and working internationally. Millie encourages and supports women and parents, when they welcome a new baby, to lean into what feels right for them and to care for their baby intuitively (without any 'shoulds'). Blending her 12 years experience with babies and families across many countries and cultures, Millie is confident in all aspects of caring for a baby in their first year of life. 


How to lean in, relax, enjoy and surrender

I often meet parents in the midst of the newborn bubble who are feeling overwhelmed and unorganised. A new baby can totally change the balance you have in your relationships, home life and self care. 

When pregnant there is so much planning involved in the birth, nursery preparation, baby shopping and organising. But what about when your baby is actually in your arms and you’re back home? What do you actually do with them and how do you remain calm and soak it all in? Here are my top three tips to make your newborn bubble expectations a reassuring reality:

Tip One

Accept that your baby needs you. Sounds simple, right? But often what we see on social media are tiny babies asleep in their cute baskets. When actually babies love to be close, to cuddle, to feed. And this can feel constant but I also want to reassure you that it is completely normal. When we allow ourselves to lean in, and be physically close to our babies in the postpartum period, it can lessen anxiety, accelerate post-birth healing and foster bonding and attachment. 

Tip Two

Have your family, friends and support people do everything else. I know everyone wants a newborn cuddle but often a new mother/parent will feel a visceral need to have their baby close. I would encourage you to have conversations with the people around you about ways they can support you to care for your baby. Whether that is cooking, running errands or offering childcare for older children. Often our loved ones want to help but don’t know how. It is okay to give people specific tasks when they ask what you need. Do not be afraid to do this. People want to help the ones they love but sometimes they just need direction.

Tip Three
Your baby gets the best of you when you are looking after yourself too. 

Think of your basic needs. Sounds simple, right? But often the days can run into the next and you lose track of your own wellbeing. Drink enough water. Move your body even a little. Set timers so that you’re eating regularly. Have fresh air everyday (even if it is just sitting next to an open window). Your baby gets the best of you when you are looking after yourself too. 


You are the most perfect parent for your baby. There is no one else that they would rather be with or have care for them. Remember this when the days feel hard - you are the centre of your baby’s world. Lean in, relax and enjoy the journey with them.