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Elevating the Earliest Days of Infancy

Elevating the Earliest Days of Infancy

The first years of motherhood are bittersweet; a fleeting chapter wrought with tired eyes and anxiety, but also bliss and immense gratitude at this new way of life, with this new little being. A time in which the most special memories are made. At Belle Enfant our intention is to provide a gentle and nurturing experience that supports both parents and infants through these formative years. Promoting a safe and calm sanctuary and creating rituals to 'elevate the everyday' that are purposeful whilst celebrating beauty in all its forms. 

To further enhance the concept of "elevating the earliest days of infancy", we are launching "In conversation with...". This series will feature lectures, informative sound bites, and journal entries in collaboration with key educators in the infant and wellness industries. Our aim is to offer nurturing and informative content in a safe and non-judgmental space. The focus of the series will be on key rituals and routines for both parents and babies.

The focus of the series will be on key rituals and routines for both parents and babies

We’re delighted to introduce our first expert Jerilee Claydon a senior clinical psychotherapist and doctoral researcher, specialising in natural parenting. As mothers Jerliee’s work and the insights she offers fascinate us. Whatever stage of the parenting journey you are at there are many learnings and lessons within her practice that you will find helpful and informative.

Jerilee’s first piece is dedicated to the art of preparing for your baby and explores the concept of ‘Matrescence’; the process of becoming a mother and the physical, psychological and emotional changes you go through after birth.

We hope you enjoy reading and we encourage you to share this with friends and family embarking on the journey.

Fleur & Henrietta x